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From greedy seagulls stealing chips down at the harbour, to cheerful songbirds along the john Muir Way, Dunbar is home to a diverse array of birds.


Our feathered friends are a recurring theme here at Found with artists from all over the UK inspired by a huge variety of species and their environment.   Only a few miles from the Scottish Seabird Centre, Dunbar attracts large number of twitchers and photographers.  No surprise then that birds whether sculpted, painted or crafted birds are always a popular find at Found.  Here’s a little peep at what you can spot in the gallery this summer.



Fratercula arctica (Atlantic puffin)

Often called the ‘clown of the sea’ the puffin is an unmistakable seabird with a black back and white underparts, distinctive black head with large pale cheeks and brightly-coloured bill. The Isle of May in the Firth of Forth is home to the biggest colony on the East Coast of Britain.

Print by Rachel Marshall £60

Ceramics by Guy Holder £56

Card & Print by Joanna Martin £3/140



Morus bassanus

Gannets are Britain’s largest seabird and Scotland is home to around 60% of Europe’s gannets. From February gannets return to the Bass Rock: numbers peak at over 150,000 making it the world's largest colony of Northern gannets. At sea they flap and then glide low over the water, often travelling in small groups. They feed by flying high and circling before plunging into the sea, at speeds of up to 60mph/ 96kmph.

A Company of Gannets Card by Lisa Hooper £2.50





Rissa tridactyla

One of the best places to spot them is Dunbar Harbour! A gentle looking, medium-sized gull, kittiwakes have a small yellow bill, dark eye, grey back and white underneath: their little legs are short and black. In flight, the black wing-tips show no white, unlike other gulls, and look as if they have been 'dipped in ink'.

Acrylic on reclaimed board £70






Uria aalge

The UK’s coasts have many stretches of sheer cliffs where seabirds breed and the guillemot is one of the most prevalent birds in the great ‘seabird cities’. They land only to nest, spending the rest of the time life at sea. The egg is cone-shaped helping to prevent it rolling off the cliff!

Unframed Print by Joanna Martin £140

Ceramic by Guy Holder £70



Herrring Gull

Larus argentatus

Love them or loath them, herring gulls are widespread and can be seen in most seaside towns. They are large noisy gulls, and we have the pleasure of two chicks on our roof at the moment!


Card by Rachel Marshall £3

Ceramic Seagull by Joe Lawrence £40

Felted in England Birds £41 each


Haematopus ostralegus

Breeding on almost all Uk coasts the oystercatcher is a large, stocky, black and white wading bird. It has a long, orange-red bill and reddish-pink legs.


Framed Ltd edition print by Joanna Martin £180

 Acrylic on reclaimed board by Steven Ferguson £85


And others…

Necklace by Helen Shere £89

Silver studs by Kate Wimbush £28

Print by Mary Claire Smith £95

Coal Tit Unframed Print by Benjamin Partridge £30

Mosaic by Helen Clues £16



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Seth by the Sea

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Suffolk born artist Seth Draper’s natural habitat is the beach. He’s a creator inspired by the coast, and a truly inventive sculptor of flotsam & jetsam.

Seth will be exhibiting his coastal inspired artwork for the first time in Scotland this summer. Echoing the golden days of British fishing Seth’s quirky fishing boats will be following the fleet up to the Found Gallery here in the harbour town of Dunbar.

Seth’s artwork is created using a selection of recycled objects such as old baked bean tins, driftwood and various other found objects, his largest piece for this exhibition even incorporates an old garden rake. The inspiration comes from anything with a coastal flavour, but focusses on fishing boats, harbour scenes and beach huts. The recycled tins are beaten flat and then cut and soldered before being painted and given an aged patina. They are then completed with driftwood and the finer details for which his work is becoming so revered.


In Seth, Found has found another kindred spirit and his fishing fleet are here for the summer season.  Come see them @thefoundgallery before they sail away!

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Golden Sands

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Here in East Lothian we're used to golden sands, but perhaps not quite like this!  Vivid, and elemental. That’s what best describes my favourite piece from Louise Davies new collection recently arrived at Found.

Golden Sands   31/75   Framed 16 x 16cm  £180

Louise Davies is a professional artist and a member of the RE – the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. She graduated with a Fine Art Degree from St Martins and then completed an M.A. in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art in London.


I’m not normally drawn to yellow but there is something captivating about her ‘Golden Sands’ print. It’s abstract in feel but her delicate use of line and vibrant colour, conveys a fluid and atmospheric landscape. It’s minimal, but with sketch like detail that I love.


detail from Golden Sands

Being a nosey sort of creature I’m always fascinated where and how, such wonderful work is created. Louise indulged me with some pictures and answered my random questions. Here’s what I found…


  • What’s playing in your studio?

I  share my studio with  my friend Gail and we have radio 2 playing!


  • Most memorable sale?

That has got to be my Degree Show at college where I made my first few sales.  At that stage, I was just a young art student and never believed I could sell my work.


  • Best bit of your working day?

Apart from sitting down and chatting over a cup of tea..................it has seriously got to be when you pull the proof off your etching  press and realise ‘  Yes this print is working now! ‘


  • Next purchase - art/craft/design/equipment?

Intending to buy some new canvasses as I need to get more Painting done.


  • Exhibition you’re most looking forward to this year?

I am most looking forward to my Solo Show at Zillah Bell in Yorkshire.  I will be showing Paintings and Prints.  I just spent a weekend in Yorkshire and did some sketching in preparation to making some new work of the Yorkshire Moors.


Here’s a selection of Louise’s work currently showing in the gallery. Please email me at amy@thefoundgallery.co.uk with any queries.

Country Hedgerows   7/75 Framed   20 x 25cm   £230



Distant Hills   4/75 Unframed Print 30 x 30cm  £250

Red Meadows   10/75  Framed 20 x 25cm    £230



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Stunning Artwork Saws

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“Enjoy what you love, because life is so much bigger than us.”


So says Dan Rawlings. A self taught artist who works with recycled tools and materials, cutting and carving them a new life.



Intricate, inventive and stunningly beautiful! I felt like a child at Christmas tearing the packaging off his creations when then arrived at Found. Such was my excitement to see his hand cut rusty saws, which he creates in rural Gloucestershire.


Using a variety of tools including a hand held plasma torch, files, grinders, scalpels, welders, etching chemicals and paints he tries to create images that remind people of the moments when everything seems possible and free; times when climbing a tree, or sitting admiring the way its branches twist and curl means nothing, but means everything.


Dan enjoys using sentimental objects such as old tools and farm equipment. For him they bring to mind a time when things were simpler, not easier, but the concerns of everyday people were fundamental and shared. These objects of great craftsmanship and beauty also carry a poignant message.


They convey his belief and concern about climate change - that rather than acting, we seem to be looking the other way. By using cast away items of once great value to conjure memories or depict nature’s beauty, he aims to convince people that what we should value is the existing, not to wish it away with dreams of material possessions.


And so I stood in admiration these wonderful tree studies. Fascinating and magical, Dan Rawlings is a truly talented sculptor.


Saws and hand carved wood block prints in the gallery now. If you’d like any more details please email Amy on amy@thefoundgallery.co.uk


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Latest Sea Forms by Jan

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Waves crashing against volcanic rocks that push their way up through the sea, crunching the sea foam left behind on sand, barnacles glistening in the sun, the smooth mirror of rock pools and the amazing colours the sea has to offer.  Jan Lewin Cadogan's beautiful stoneware vessels perfectly encapsulate the multitude of colours and textures of this alluring coastal scene.  

Following a move to Carmarthenshire in 2004, the landscape of the countryside and coastline motivated Jan to pursue a career in Ceramics.  Now walks along the rugged cliff tops of the coastal path of Pembrokeshire inspire her work.

She enjoys experimenting with form, lava glazes and reactive slips often comparing patterns and surfaces through multiple firings to compliment the simple forms and clean lines. She likes to think of her pots as pieces of art you can hold in your hands, bringing you some of the serenity and peace that she finds when walking along the shore and coastal paths.

Gorgeous range in the gallery from £35.  

Any queries drop us a line at amy@thefoundgallery.co.uk

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