Purveyor of Beautiful Things 


We represent some of the finest British Arts and Craft talent. Here are a some examples of a few of the UK artists we are privileged to have shown in the gallery. Work changes regularly and we are often the venue for artists showing for the first time in Scotland.

Found / Upcycled / Recycled 


Jane R Designs, Seth Draper, Kate Millbank, Whisky Frames, Priormade, Merope Pease



Nicole Stevenson, Alan Richmond, Scott Brennan, Jill Macleod, Rachel Marshall, Jayne Stokes, Emily Ingrey-Counter, Alison Dickson      



Kate Millbank, Stephanie Mitchell, Maeve Dickson, Pamela Grace, Fiona Watson, Louise Davies    



Carys Davies, Joe Lawrence, Bee Hayes, Pauline Montgomery, Sarah Lawson, Gin Durham, Kate Welton, Lucy Bently



Helen Shere, Diana Greenwood, Judith Brown, Tamara Dixon, Claire Troughton, Caroline Finlay, Carla Edwards, Roberta Hopkins, Donna Barry, Amy Christie, 


Mixed Media

Seth Draper, Jane Strawbridge, Merope Pease, Characters by Julia,

Helena Sharpley, Linda Lovatt, Morag Lloyds   



Amy Christie, Ellie Burton, Thomas Petit, Vinegar and Brown Paper Bag, Amy Fisher 


Cards and gifts galore from UK designers and small producers!


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