We represent some of the finest British Arts and Craft talent.  Work comes from Shetland to the Isle of Wight and many places in between, as well as a healthy local offering from nearby East Lothian & Scottish Borders.  Here are a some examples of a few of the many artists we are privileged to show and have shown in the gallery. Work changes regularly and we are often the venue for artists showing for the first time in Scotland.  If you're looking for someone in particular do get in touch.  You'll find incoming pieces on our social media and latest products in our Top Picks section.  Enjoy...

Found / Upcycled / Recycled 

Gizmobots, Betty Pepper, Rachel Blakeway, Rhubarb Tree, Ocean Plastic Pots, Tree Huggery, Katy Galbraith, Kathryn Ashcroft.




Alan Richmond, Nicole Stevenson,  Rachel Marshall, Rebecca Dover, Ann Cowan, Mandy Thomson, Ged Lerpiniere, Paul Bartlett, Morag Lloyds, Stephanie Mitchell, Louise Carrie, Scott Brennan, Jill Macleod,  Jayne Stokes, Laura Brown, Esther Cohen, Louise Meny, Eleanor Cunningham, Emily Ingrey-Counter,  Jenny Wren Draws


Kate Millbank, Sarah Ross Thompson, Ann Skinner, Helen Wylie,  Maeve Dickson, Pamela Grace, Fiona Watson, Louise Davies, Flotsam Prints, Jaqueline May, Joanna Bourne, Juniper Press.



 Lucy Burley, Ali Tomlin, Judit Esztergomi, Lilly Reid, Hayley Potter, Pauline Montgomery, Sarah Lawson, Anne James, Sarah Snell, Hilary Duncan, Lucie Sivicka, Kit Anderson, Lorna Gilbert, Julie Barham, Katie Pruden, Terri Smart, Sarah Snell, Sheila Angus



Judith Brown, Elizabeth Terzza, Emma Louise Wilson, Julie McLatchie, Tamara Dixon, Claire Troughton, Carla Edwards,  Amy Christie, Clare Hawley, Arrabella Giles, Trinket Pixie, Ozkin Design, Val Muddyman, Victoria Noyes, Jo Bull, Ruth makes Jewellery, Suzanne Claire, Helyne Jennings, Stephanie Hopkins, Savy Sailor.


Mixed Media & Sculpture

 Seth Draper, Jane Strawbridge, Helena Sharpley, Linda Lovatt, Claire Brierley, Esther Smith, Ellie Burton, Lisa Berkshire, Calene Scott White , Tree Huggery, Vinegar & Brown Paper, Yvette Brown, Sophie Walker.




 Kate Millbank, Hopipola, JHK Knitwear, Mella, Metal Birds, Poppy Treffry, Red Ruby Rose as well as cards and gifts galore from UK designers and small producers!