Purveyor of Beautiful Things 


We represent some of the finest British Arts and Craft talent. Here are a some examples of a few of the UK artists we are privileged to have shown in the gallery. Work changes regularly and we are often the venue for artists showing for the first time in Scotland.

Found / Upcycled / Recycled 


Jo Pond, Liz Toole, Helen Clues, Jane R Designs, Rachel Sumner, Cheryl Steventon, Dan Rawlings



Nicole Stevenson, Alan Richmond, Scott Brennan, Derek Jones, Rachel Marshall,    Sophie Mackay Knight, Jayne Stokes, Alison Dickson      



Louise Worthy    Anna Tosney    Pamela Grace    Fiona Watson    Cath Waters    Valeriane Leblond    Labokoff    Louise Davies    Justine Miller



Carys Davies   Jackie Needham   Denise Brown   Ikuko Iwamoto   Sarah Perry   Jan Lewin   Angela Pointon   Rebecca Callis   Debbie Barber



Nicola Morrison   Xuella Arnold   Jackie Cardy   Elizabeth Terzza   Julia Parry Jones   Liz Willis   Alex Yule   Claire Troughton   Shona Carnegie


Mixed Media

Seth Draper, Jane Strawbridge, Merope Pease, Characters by Julia,

Helena Sharpley, Sarah Jane Brown, Morag Lloyds   



Stuart Akroyd   Verity Pulford   Ingrid Phillips   Amy Christie   Kim Bramley   Elin Isaksson   Jane Reeves   Meg McGregor   Glassmakers



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