Exhibit With Us

Artist Submissions

We love what we do and when selecting artworks, "we know it when we see it", so please show us your work if you feel what you produce would sit well alongside other artists we represent. We show a rotating and constantly changing gallery of artists working across all mediums but give special consideration to those that embrace up-cycling, recycling or the use of found objects in their creations

The Found Gallery welcomes submissions from artists working in all mediums. If you feel that your work would potentially 'fit' and is of a correspondingly high standard, send your submission by email. You can get a good feel for the sort of work we represent by browsing our online galleries. Please do not bring work or portfolios to the gallery without having been invited to do so. 

Submissions should include at least 5 images of your current work, including titles, medium, sizes and wall/selling prices as well as links to your website & social media. If your work has or is currently being exhibited, please detail the name and address of the gallery and details of forthcoming exhibitions. 

The gallery receives a high volume of work, but we do look at each application and usually respond within four weeks.

Please email submissions to info@thefoundgallery.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.