Six for Summer

Six for Summer


Looking at art can cause increases in dopamine, the pleasure hormone, which helps to reduce stress and in turn leads to lowered rates of anxiety. The number six represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal.  Our new exhibition brings you a sextet of contemporary visual artists working in different disciplines: ceramics, mixed media, glass, collage, jewellery and sculpture. Carefully chosen to fill you with joy and provide some visual therapy, we are delighted to present new work from …


Neil Tregear

Neil trained in porcelain throwing in Kyoto, Japan. He now works from his studio on the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight, producing beautiful handmade stoneware pottery. Each piece is made from a fine white stoneware clay. The work is hand decorated in a variety of designs – all drawing their inspiration and influences from the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscapes.



Jemma Derbyshire

Jemma is a painter and mixed media artist and says of her work, ‘colour, surface and marks are the driving forces behind my practice. My subject matter is found in the everyday - predominately in the unorganised still lives of home and garden paraphernalia.  Often just being caught by the haphazard placement of one object beside another.’


Steph Atwell

Steph’s glass work is made by shaping and smoothing glass, adding copper foil or lead and constructing with wire, cement or solder. Bases are made from driftwood found on the shoreline.


Paul Bartlett

Paul uses collage and papier mâché together with acrylic paints and other materials to create stunning mixed media pieces inspired by the natural world in which he spends much of his time.


Charlotte Whitmore

Charlotte designs and makes mixed media jewellery from her workshop in Bingley, West Yorkshire. She predominantly works in silver, incorporating other materials such as vintage plastics (Bakelite, Casein, Lucite), wood and glass to add colour and texture to the jewellery she creates. Inspiration comes from the surrounding landscape.


Seth Draper

Seth produces upcycled sculptures and automata inspired by the sea and shoreline. He uses a mixture of driftwood, recycled tin cans and other bits of flotsam & jetsam found on the beautiful British coastline.


The show opens on 4th June and runs throughout the summer until the end of August.



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