Lino Lenny

Lino Lenny

Our latest debut to Found is known as Lino Lenny!  A Scottish artist and designer, Lenny Lane specialises in - you guessed it - lino printmaking!  After several years working abroad, Lenny spent time travelling his Scottish homeland and reconnected with the land, culture, and history.  What emerged was colourful, bold, hand printed artworks inspired by his love for Highland living.  Crofts and cottages, natural fauna and mountainous vistas all contributed to the creative energy found in these works.



Midsummer Memory




I got a peep at his studio, and he told me a bit more…


“Hand printing is the cornerstone of my work - editions are not always identically perfect between prints, but it’s deeply satisfying and rewarding, and each print unique in its outcome. The amount of work I get to do depends on the volume. If it’s a small print I’ll do a large edition, and conversely larger prints, or a set of similar prints, are made as part of a smaller edition.


I have a bit of an attachment with trees, old cottages, weather and seasons, and how it all influences and marks their place in the environment. I love the play of light and pushing the norms of colour. I like the idea of remoteness and resilience and aim to show these qualities, even subliminally, in my prints. I use a hint of the ethereal in the titles of my work, since the prints are largely borne from memories and times of places visited or imagined”.

Sunrise, Sunset

Wee Clachan III



We’ve got a wonderful selection of both framed and mounted works from Lenny’s Scotland in Print series and A Year in Trees.  You’ll find these eye catching pieces in our window!  If you’d like any more info please drop me a message or email

After Dusk



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