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Kate Kelly - Great Horned Owl

Kate Kelly - Great Horned Owl

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Delightful paper sculpture by Kate Kelly.  Long eared owl on hydrangea wreath.

40 x 55 x 15cm approx

Ready to hang (fishing wire and hook)

Every part of the making process is done by hand, transforming sketches into unique sculptures.

I begin with doodles in my sketch books, before working out a template for a three dimensional design. This is my favourite part: working out the maths, armed with sellotape and a protractor. The structure of the design is very important, because I want my designs to be as strong as possible. My sculptures are much sturdier than they look! Once happy with the shape, I print the template onto 300 gsm recycled watercolour paper. Then a blank silk screen is used to draw individual patterns and textures onto the paper. This process ensures each sculpture is unique. The prints are cut out by hand and glued together. Once built, the sculpture may require extra embellishments, such as feathery hair dos or steel wire feet. They are then varnished with a UV protective lacquer and finished with rhinestone eyeballs.

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