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Jayne Stokes - Journey II

Jayne Stokes - Journey II

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Journey II

Miniature watercolour and collage pieces mounted on canvas panel.

23 x 5 x 16.5cm

A selection of others available in the gallery.

Jayne says

'I am essentially a landscape artist, although probably not in the traditional sense. I work in mixed media and my aim is to explore and document our relationship with the environment. The starting point for most of my pieces is a journey. This could be a short walk, a car journey or a trip further afield. My preferred subject is the Scottish landscape; I have lived in Scotland for over 15 years and I never tire of exploring those places around me. While I was at Art School I documented the journeys I made by firstly collecting found objects, taking photographs and sketching. This process of research informed the production of larger three dimensional pieces, installations and paintings. My practice has continued in this way and is what informs the development of my work. I don’t always work on a conventional two dimensional surface and I like to incorporate the use of old tins, ceramic fragments and matchboxes within my work. The objects I utilise have a history of their own, having been on a journey themselves after time spent in someone’s pocket, on a shelf or in the sea.These objects are also used as framing devices to contain and sometimes magnify the subject matter. I like the fact that these objects have been remade, recycled and repurposed. My work can be small scale but multiple images are sometimes combined to create larger pieces. My aim is draw the viewer in, encouraging their involvement in, and deeper scrutiny of, the work and its themes'

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