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Fat Belly Pots - Espresso Cup

Fat Belly Pots - Espresso Cup

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Delightful narrative ceramics by Katherine Kingdon.

Dia: 5.5cm

H: 6cm


Katherine’s pieces are full of character and storytelling. The figures seem to be caught mid action and a sense of playful ambiguity draws you in and challenges your imagination. The more you look, the more you begin to question, and that’s where the fun begins.

Katherine works in a shed in Newbury. Her inspiration comes from a firm grounding in ceramics and teaching, making and mending, poking about in museums, mothering and general pottering. She also keeps a lively sketchbook and all of this feeds into her work.

 A Ceramics degree from Leicester Polytechnic, an MA (Applied Art and Visual Culture) from London Guildhall University and a PGCE from Westminster College, Oxford probably help a bit too.

Katherine hand-builds with an off-white stoneware clay and aims for a looseness of style which celebrates the nature of the material and exposes something of the techniques used.

 ‘I enjoy the ‘in the moment’ creative decisions that have to be made when working like this. It’s what makes each piece unique. I also like to leave an element of ambiguity in the imagery, suggesting a narrative, but allowing the viewer enough space to question, interpret and begin to create their own story.’

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