Sarah Snell

Sarah started out training in the art world, studying art, and book design & production. She developed a love of colour and pattern, particularly of the stylised essence of fabric prints from the 1950’s - 70’s; the vibrant narrative woven into turkish rugs, and the heddy nostalgia induced by the glorious technicolour classics such as Calamity Jane. Bold and joyous, these influences feed into my work combining quirky, modern shapes with retro inspired designs. Whilst working as an art teacher at the local secondary school Sarah met her friend and mentor who introduced her to the joy of potting and porcelain. She spent 10 happy years apprenticing in her friend's little studio, in which time she bought her own wheel and kiln and began potting from home.  Since 2019 she has been working in her own miniature studio producing small batches of handmade porcelain pieces.