Nicole Stevenson

Nicole has always been interested in life beside the sea, leading her to develop a whimsical style that reflects the romantic ideas we have when holidaying at the coast. She is interested in light, reflecting on the water and the shadows and glows on boats and buildings. Spending time in the places she wants to paint, doing smaller watercolour and ink paintings, charcoal sketches and taking photographs, she then works in the studio on heavy, stretched watercolour paper building up layers of watercolour, collage, acrylic, and inks. The paintings are ‘built’ in a way that implies dimension; as changing, ambient light moves over their surfaces the viewer finds different motifs, elements, and qualities. She received a BA Honours in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh Collage of Art and a PGCE from The Bolton Institute, Manchester.

Corner House & Red Boat

Patchwork Roofs. St Abbs

A Tide of Memories. Cove

Where the Old Boats Go. Cromwell Harbour