Kathryn Ashcroft

Kathryn initially trained as a Theatre Designer, working for several years in the Art education sector. She uses these experiences to inspire and create mixed-media sculptures from found and salvaged materials; creating new meanings and objects from discarded objects.  She has always had a fascination with stories and histories and collects profusely. She works with fragments of fabric, paper, wood and metal, with which she aims to fire up the imagination and encourage audiences to engage playfully with her work.

Kathryn says that ‘Mouse in the House’ is the product of a noisy brain and an overactive imagination…. They are collectors of treasure, eaters of cheese, made from fragments of stuff and memories, scraps of fabric, pieces of broken things, lost buttons and forgotten moments…

Working from her ever-growing collections of discarded objects, fragments and pieces, nearly every aspect of my mixed-media sculptures is reclaimed, recycled, salvaged or upcycled.