Latest Sea Forms by Jan

Waves crashing against volcanic rocks that push their way up through the sea, crunching the sea foam left behind on sand, barnacles glistening in the sun, the smooth mirror of rock pools and the amazing colours the sea has to offer.  Jan Lewin Cadogan's beautiful stoneware vessels perfectly encapsulate the multitude of colours and textures of this alluring coastal scene.  

Following a move to Carmarthenshire in 2004, the landscape of the countryside and coastline motivated Jan to pursue a career in Ceramics.  Now walks along the rugged cliff tops of the coastal path of Pembrokeshire inspire her work.

She enjoys experimenting with form, lava glazes and reactive slips often comparing patterns and surfaces through multiple firings to compliment the simple forms and clean lines. She likes to think of her pots as pieces of art you can hold in your hands, bringing you some of the serenity and peace that she finds when walking along the shore and coastal paths.

Gorgeous range in the gallery from £35.  

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