Fresh eyes on Dunbar!

Fresh eyes on Dunbar!

Cameron Watt has been on the Found radar for a while now. Like many great finds, our introduction happened right on our doorstep. Cameron’s sister until recently lived a stones throw from the gallery, and good pals of ours have a stunning piece of his work hanging in their living room. It was only a matter of time before our paths crossed!


After studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art Cameron regularly finds his way to Dunbar.


“The two paintings were made whilst I stayed at my sisters house in Dunbar. I have always loved Dunbar. I visit a few times a year and its impossible to not want to paint there. The first time I stayed I sat by a window looking down onto the high street and filled a sketchbook in a day just drawing people. I always wanted to tackle the high street and this past visit I had a few weeks and the keys to my sisters shed to make a mess in.”


The ‘mess’ turned out pretty well and resulted in these two wonderful pieces, which are in the gallery window. Fresh and vibrant, the works are a wonderfully evocative snapshot of life here in Dunbar. What makes him tick? I asked a few random questions to find out…


  1. What’s playing in your studio? 

I do like a bit of silence, I find when music is playing it either brings me down or pumps me up too much. I like a audio book though. The best thing I heard recently was the Beastie Boys audio book.

  1. Most memorable sale? 

Exhibitions are always memorable because you work in a vacuum for god knows how long, going slightly crazy, and then suddenly you meet people and hear all kinds of fresh takes on your work. Its quite hard knowing you will never see your paintings again but Its quite nice knowing there are people with my works on the walls eating spaghetti with there friends talking about a picture I made.

  1. Best bit of your working day? 

Finishing a painting. I don’t find painting all that relaxing. Cleaning brushes, mixing paint, spilling turps, making mistakes, getting paint everywhere, its can be a stress. Usually when a painting is coming to a end it happens in a very short space of time without much warning, the stars align and suddenly it doesn't look ugly anymore, that is the only cathartic part for me, stepping back.

  1. Next purchase - art/craft/design/equipment/…? 

I’m quite old school, I buy the same things, white spirit, five or six tubes of paint, maybe a palette knife or a few brushes, I'm not kind to my brushes.  

  1. Describe your studio in 3 words?

Like Francis Bacon’s

  1. If I didn’t make art I would…. 

have children.

  1. Best bit of advice you have been given please? 

Its finished!!!


Delighted to be showing these paintings at Found. Any queries, you can contact me at or on 01368 863030.




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