Justine Miller

Justine Miller recently dropped a selection of her digital prints into the gallery. We have a selection of her Woodland series, both framed and unframed and starting at only £70. We love Justine's work and hope to regularly feature her work. Please come and see this work before it has sold out. The following words are taken from Justine's website and give an insight into her practice and motivations.

"Justine is originally from London where she started her training at Camberwell College of Art studying decorative arts, specialising in textiles. From there she headed to Edinburgh College of Art to join the Fine Art Printmaking course. Hers was the first year group who studied computer imagery and technology as part of their course work, as well as traditional techniques such as etching and lithography.

Justine has a love of texture, pattern, line, repetition, scale and colour, and the decorative quality of her work plays an important role in the end piece. This all ties in with having studied textiles. These elements, along with the ever changing cinematic light in the Borders, are what inspire her landscape based work.

She sees everything in terms of pattern and colour and this will be the starting point for her work. Whether out on a walk or travelling she is constantly looking out for inspiration and subject matter. This could appear in the form of a barren moorland landscape with a line of trees on the horizon coming together as a simple composition of horizontal stripes, or the regimented trees in a wood or forest seen as vertical stripes of light and shade.

Creating colour charts is very important to Justine’s working practice, and she often creates prints in different colourways, enjoying the repetition. She is fascinated by the feel and atmosphere of a piece and how the juxtaposition of colour can create such opposites, whether harmonious or jarring.

Justine doesn’t take a traditional approach to her printmaking and has had to use the equipment that was readily available to her, mainly a computer. She feels that digital technology has opened up new opportunities for printmakers. and has adopted it with enthusiasm. She uses different techniques, to create a finished work, experimenting photographically, digitally and with hand drawn images, initially paring them back to simple shapes, shadows and highlights, before layering them up again. The process, for her, is ever evolving."

Wonderful work Justine, we're looking forward to seeing where you go next with your printmaking.

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