Charlotte Bellis

Charlotte sent us a beautiful collection of work last week, I meant to photograph it and get this blog entry online asap. But the big piece sold almost immediately and generated so much attention (as it sat on the wall for a few days waiting for collection) that we've had to plead for another. This one is coming soon and the one sold was similar but in ocean colours.

We still have individual strands of porcelain leaves for £75. They are lovely and decorated on both sides. 

Here's the statement from Charlotte's website:

"I was brought up in Snowdonia and following my graduation from Cumbria Institute of the Arts and a period travelling in the Far East, I returned there to set up my studio.

My work is inspired by the natural world and organic forms and has been influenced both by the stunning scenery of North Wales and my travels in the Far East.

My porcelain hanging sculptures are in colours and shapes evocative of the sea, plants and other elements of the earth. I hand sculpt each piece, using the finest porcelain to achieve a translucent quality. Standard lengths are between 1' and 5', though larger sizes can be made to commission.

Alongside my sculptures I design and make jewellery, wall hangings and tiles working with porcelain using similar shapes and inspiration taken from my sculptures. All my jewellery is made with porcelain and sterling silver and comes in a natural decorated box.

My paintings are in watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. The first series were of tropical flowers and I am currently working on a series of paintings featuring the wildlife and local scenery of North Wales alongside a collection influenced by my travels. Mounted prints and greeting cards of each of my paintings are also available"

Porcelain wall tiles available in the gallery from £30 - £55

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