Sian Louise Atkinson

It is always exciting to see artists working in a new way, experimenting with form, function and materials in a manner that surprises or makes you question Why or How? I'm a gallery owner, I visit shows and other galleries every week and it takes something special to stop me in my tracks. So it was wonderful, after returning from a recent trip, to walk into the Found and see Sian Louise's work for the first time. It probably took 3 seconds from seeing to holding and examining.
I was intrigued by the juxtaposition of concrete, gold leaf and flocking. The forms were often organic or very rough, post-industrial decaying concrete contrasted with luxury materials. Some of the forms are challenging but enticing. This is work that needs to be held to be truly appreciated. Come see and feel for yourself, then talk to the balding bloke behind the counter, he'd love to hear your thoughts.
Artist statement "Sian Louise Atkinson studied at Leeds College of Art graduating with a degree in BA Hons Art and Design Interdisciplinary in 2010.
Inspired by the nature of her degree, she has developed an experimental and alchemic approach in her practice. Removing seemingly mundane materials from their natural use, she has created a series of works that question perception and function.
Her diverse collection fuses concrete with a variety of materials, methods and techniques. Concrete is host to new identities and developed into an unusual and unique range of work."
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