Amanda Anderson Contemporary Mosaics

We've just received a delivery of work from Amanda Anderson who works under the name Wigwam Arts. Amanda is a West Midlands based mosaic maker who originally studied Fine Art (sculpture) at Liverpool’s John Moores University and has developed her own distinctive graphic style of mosaic making.

Amanda's mosaic menagerie of birds and other creatures are hand made using stained glass in a kaleidoscope of colours, jewel-like millefiori and patterned ceramic pieces intricately cut and constructed. She finishes her mosaics with a dark charcoal grout to give them a deep rich and seductive quality.

Among her influences are the vibrant textiles and embroidery of India and Mexico, as well as a love of natural history, kinetic sculpture and vintage mechanical birds.

All her mosaics are wall-based interior pieces and we have a great selection in the gallery, ranging from small birds at £50 to the large fox and bird pictured above at £425

Amanda welcomes commissions and has kindly documented the making of one of our gallery pieces so that you can follow the intricate work involved in the evolution of each mosaic.. 

Amanda cuts a plywood blank to her design

Marks out the general design and starts laying central design elements..

some detail from the making of the fox piece pictured at the beginning....

once all of the tiles have been laid the work is grouted with a charcoal grout which enhances the colours and accentuates the design

and voila, a stunning piece of contemporary mosaic, ready to hang on your wall.

Large bird with blooms £295

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