Pebble Heaven!

A selection of porcelain pebble vessels, have just rolled in to Found. Delivered by Emma Westmacott by hand, all the way from Cheshire!


Taking time out from making in her studio and putting the finishing touches to her final HND project she took some time out to visit us and tell us about her work.


“I am predominantly interested in the natural environment, but I am particularly fascinated by the feelings and emotions that are stirred in me in solitary situations. Forests at night time, beaches in the winter – lonely places that can be completely contradictory – evoke sadness, isolation, moodiness and heightened tension, but for me these are positive emotions that I enjoy. These feelings manifest themselves not only in simple, single-minded ideas, but also in the solitude I like to have when I produce my work, particularly in the repetition of processes.”


Working in ceramics and glass, her creative journey continues this summer as she joins the BA in 3D Design course at Staffordshire University. After comparing kilns over a cup of tea, she shared her excitement to be furthering her education and why she enjoys working with porcelain.


Material matters to a maker! As a glassmaker myself, porcelain is a medium I’m really interested in. Glass and ceramics share certain properties and qualities, and both are known for there unpredictable nature. Emma’s love for the process and the element of chance that all ceramicists and glassmakers must face and trust in, in the final stages of making, really resonated with me. Looking at her pieces there looks to be little element of chance, there form so pleasing and engaging.


So we welcome her pebble vessels to Found. It was lovely to meet the creator of these beautiful pieces and great to chat to a maker so energized by her work and ideas.   I’m watching eagerly to see where her journey takes her!


Tactile and calming, these beautiful pieces can be seen in the gallery this summer, and a small selection are available online.


£22.50 each or a set of three for £60.


How to choose…?


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