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Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sarah Ross-Thompson - Curlew Calling

Sarah Ross-Thompson - Curlew Calling

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Hand inked mounted collagraph print by Scottish printmaker Sarah Ross-Thompson.


Edition 3/30

Print: 17.5 x 17.5cm      Mount: 40 x 40cm


Sarah says

I construct collage printing plates using materials such as string, salt, corrugated card, porridge oats and lichen. These are bonded to mount board, which acts as a support (substrate) but can also be used as part of the design through scoring and ripping of the mount board surface. Once the plate is completed it is sealed with a shellac varnish to protect the collage materials and allow it to be used much like an etching plate. I use vibrant oil-based printing inks to create my colourful landscape images.

I have been lucky enough to live in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain and need only look out of the window to draw inspiration from the breathtaking scenery I am surrounded by on a daily basis. I am particularly interested in creating a sense of presence within the landscape for the viewer, an awareness of the distances being captured and a sense of the atmosphere and elements. Originally inspired by the beautiful Dorset countryside which was my home for 20 years, my work now has a slightly more rugged feel and has undergone a subtle shift in palette, since I moved to Scotland in 2013. As lifestyle changes go, it must definitely count as a success story. After some years now, it is still a joy to raise the blinds onto the wonderful loch view each morning - apart from the days when the rain or cloud obliterates the world beyond. That's Scotland for you!

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