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Rachel Blakeway

Rachel Blakeway - Stovepot

Rachel Blakeway - Stovepot

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Stovepot and Berit Ternell

Quirky up cycled sculpture by mixed media artist Rachel Blakeway.  Created from recycled paper and discarded items.

Box frame: 14 x 14 x 5cm


Artist Statement

I am a recycling/upcycling artist living in Rhayader Mid wales who makes quirky 3D pictures and decorations from everyday throw-away materials and found objects. I have always been interested in making something from nothing. I was a big Blue Peter “maker” fan but never had the double sided sticky tape! This continued at college in Exeter where I found materials for projects by scouring through skips.

These days I settle for smaller everyday materials. I love the challenge and flexibility of working with materials that have been discarded or no longer have a use and I want to give them a new lease of life -a sort of reincarnation. An empty red pie tin is used to make a red bucket full of mackerel, teacake wrappers become curtains for a caravan orsails on boats, Sunday newspapers are made into pulp to create wedges of lemon or old cottage windows and  a used scouring pad makes great mad or bad hair day styles.

The inspiration for my work is from my observations of everyday objects, people and my surroundings in Mid-Wales and beyond with a good dollop of imagination! I love using bright colours and the scenes I create are often humorous or have a nostalgic feel. The pictures are built up in layers, with different textures from the materials I use giving them a 3D effect so the viewer feels like they can step into a scene or want to touch the tactile surfaces.

I am a firm believer in the saying One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and just like Cinderella, all my pieces transform from rags to riches and get a chance to shine and go to the ball!!



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