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Matt Brown - Pressure robot

By Matt Brown

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 Pressure(upcycled) robot created by Matt Brown

43 x 20 x 11cm

Matt graduated from Brighton College of Art & Design in 1992 with a BA(Hons) in Illustration. In his final year he specialised in three-dimensional illustration and animation, leading to a career in special effects, commercial model-making and bespoke carpentry.

Matt has been exhibiting his work for over twenty years. Throughout his career, he has always championed the use of reclaimed and found materials, trawling though shed clearances and antique shops to find the perfect accompaniment for each sculpture.

Matt creates robots from scrap metal and wood. The character of each is unique with the use of old door locks, wheel nuts and oil lamp parts perfectly placed. More recently, his work has focused on his love of the Suffolk coastline and its ramshackle fishermen’s huts, houses and boats. It is this weather-ravaged working environment, with its improvised structures and colour palette, that particularly holds his interest.

Matt was originally from Cambridge, and now lives and works in Suffolk.

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