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Liz Reed - Driftwood Boy

By Liz Reed

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Characterful driftwood chap!  Created from beach finds by Northumbrian maker Liz Reed.  Complete with hand made clothes!

38 x 8 x 3cm

Liz says - 

A lifelong love of creating and making things has led me to where I am now.

Using driftwood found on my meanderings along the beautiful north east coast of England, I make my quirky and engaging folk. Each piece of work is completely unique and lovingly brings together fine skills accumulated and honed during a lifetime of making, with materials I feel passionate about.

On a beautiful day the beach with its treasures beckons, while if the weather outside is grim I can sit indoors, blissfully unaware, and indulge myself with cups of tea and knitting.

Dust never has a chance to settle on my sewing machine as I’m regularly sitting at it making tiny pairs of jeans from the pre-loved clothes that friends and family often pass on to me. My neighbours are used to the sound of me working away in a tiny corner of my garage, sawing up pieces of wood, using chisels to round off the top of a head, and sanding, buffing and polishing my tiny folk until they shine!

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