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Kate Evans - Snowdrop Bottle

By Kate Evans

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Hand thrown porcelain bottle, carved with snowdrops all the way round and glazed inside.

Height 8 cm Dia 6.8cm

"My passions are for clay and plants, which stems from my occupation as a gardener. I combined both these interests on my degree course in ceramics at Cardiff School of Art & Design. Since graduating in 2009, I have worked in a shared ceramic studio exploring the effects of shape, pattern, silhouettes, shadows, and contrasts of abstract and natural forms.

My present range consists of small, thrown porcelain vases. Straight sides and turned bases contrast with the organic silhouettes of incised plant designs, which are delicately and laboriously carved into the surface. Each piece is unique, no design being exactly the same. Transparent glazes are combined with grey, green and blue glaze stains, creating subtle hues that enhance the carving."

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