Katie Pruden

Katie finds pleasure in seeing the vastness of erosion and weathering, of geographical and geological change, of time and decay, expressed microcosmically in a fragment of rock.  She endeavours to incorporate her visual and tactile responses to these phenomena in her work through abstract interpretations using press-moulding, hand-building, and carving techniques.

Contrasts feature prominently in her work: contrasting shapes, surfaces, colours, techniques, and processes.  Spiky and smooth, light and dark, controlled and unpredictable – it is through the tension of these contrasts that ultimately creates the balance within each piece. Finally copper leaf is used to embellish the surface adding warmth and vibrancy to the finished piece.

Her work has frequently employed the sphere as its predominant shape, but more recently she has begun to manipulate and extend this form.  Coiling and extruding techniques have been introduced in order to achieve more elongated shapes that create an interesting development from her pebble forms and indicate the new directions she intends to explore in the future.