Emma Louise Wilson

From Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland, Emma studied 3D Design at Gray's School of Art, specialising in metalwork and enamel. After graduating in 1995, she spent a few years in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter working as a designer-jeweller before starting a family and moving back to Scotland. She is fascinated by enamel, the alchemy of it, how it bonds to the metal, how it reacts in the kiln and how the colours react with each other, and it is the focus of her practice. She creates hand raised forms in fine silver with enamel, and silver and enamel jewellery exploring shapes inspired by pebbles which when held in the palm are tactile and comforting. The seascapes of Scotland inspire her enamel designs which first begin as watercolour paintings which she abstracts and refine until they evoke the feeling of place, a glimpsed memory or moment in time. Craftsmanship and technique are very important to Emma, she would like to be able to see the maker’s hand in an object, to see it’s a unique handmade piece. Using the best materials and traditional techniques in a contemporary way, she strives to produce work which will be treasured and handed down through generations.