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Graeme Donnachie - Surfs Up, Bsss Rock

Graeme Donnachie - Surfs Up, Bsss Rock

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Acrylic & Gouche on canvas.

Box Frame canvas 50 x 50 x 4 cm

Graeme Donnachie is the Kilted Artist, born in Ayr in south west Scotland. Proudly self-taught, the inspiration for his work feeds off the natural beauty of his homeland and places visited around the world.

Capturing inspiration from established Scottish painters John Lowrie Morrison, Pam Carter and even his old school art teacher Pat Kramik, he draws upon the bold dramatic colours employed by these artists. However his true inspiration lies with his ‘art-hero’ Hamish MacDonald whose work kick-started the creative engine, and to this day give a joy and a passion to create pieces that capture and reflect the true feeling of a magnificent landscape.

Working predominantly with acrylic and gouache the majority of his locations are based around his two great loves – the west coast of Scotland and the mountainous interior of New Zealand.

There is no place like the west coast with its turquoise waters, sandy coves, stark mountains, islands and ever changing weather. The west coast also allows for the inclusion of his trademark – the old fashioned red telephone box – seen in many of his paintings!



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